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Roller skates

Zhejiang Mondays Industry and Trade Co.,Ltd is located in the famous capital of health-Zhejiang Pan An,with a 

convenient location and beauti-ful environment.Our company integrates the development,production,sale and service 

of sporting goods and daily necessities.Our company special-ized in the production all kinds of Inline - skates,ice skates,football 

shoes,scooter,wooden skateboard,kick- scooter,kneepads series,helmet series,carry bag and other sports products.

Our company have ISO9001:2000 Management Certification,and all of our products are with well quality certificates,

such as SGS,CE(EN71/EN13843).



Resolutely implement the quality as the core of all kinds of various management systems, the industry took the lead through the ISO9001-2000 quality system certification, quality assured by relevant state departments, the national standard of qualified products, green environmental protection product. Mandy people always adhere to the "quality is dignity as a starting point for the enterprise.
Is the starting point of respect for the customer "the quality of the products.




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